Agronomy Unit deals with teaching, research and outreach in field crops management,
crop nutrient and water management, cropping systems, agro-forestry, conservation 
agriculture and physiology and management of abiotic stresses. The Unit offers M.Sc.
and PhD  programmes in Agronomy. Some of the research areas include plant and
nutrient management in dry beans, integrated snap bean crop management, conservation
agriculture in legumes and maize, micronutrient density management in vegetables,
drought stress mechanisms and management in dry bean and millet, cassava agronomy,
and nitrogen fixation in legumes.

Career opportunities exist in agricultural research institution, agricultural firms, environmental firms, agricultural firms, agricultural extension service, agricultural and environmental consultancy services institutions, agrochemical firms, tertiary institutions and agribusiness.

Unit Head
Dr. J.Kinama

PhD(UoN) MSc(University of E.Angalia)


Dr.Kinama is a Senior Lecturer Agrometeorologist and head of Agronomy in the department of Plant science and Crop protection. He is currently college representative to the university exhibition committee, he is the chairman of the exhibition and shows at the Faculty of Agriculture which is responsible for showcasing College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) academic programs innovations and outreach to key stakeholders in the agricultural sector.